MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED is a Philippines company, incorporated on 1972-01-01, located on Philippines. Its address is Moldex Building 03 Ligaya Street Corner West Avenue 1104, Quezon City, Philippines, Quezon City. Its company status is Unknown. Browse more information on

Basic Info
  • Company Number: 104848
  • Company Status:
  • Incorporation Date:
  • Telephone: Display
  • Address: Moldex Building 03 Ligaya Street Corner West Avenue 1104, Quezon City, Philippines, Quezon City
  • City: Quezon City
  • Contact Person: Jose Angiolo Ledesma Designation: General Management Telephone: 3748657 Nathaniel Lapida Designation: Sales Telephone: 3738888
  • Industry: Tradesmen & Construction
    Tradesmen & Construction - Construction
  • Company Description: Moldex Products, Inc. (MPI) resulted from a proprietorship business organized by Mr. Jacinto Uy in the mid-sixties. The company's initial operations involved reprocessing of plastic materials into pellets, which the firm sold to downstream product manufacturers. After a few years, the proprietorship business graduated from reprocessing of plastic materials to the production of plastic seals and PVC bottle compounds. PVC bottle compounds were then used as raw materials to produce clear and transparent plastic bottles which are good for glass bottles for hair care products, toiletries and other similar type of applications.
  • Update Time: 2021-05-16
  • Q: When was the Philippines MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED established?
  • A: MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED was founded in 1972.
  • Q: What's the contact number of MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED ? How to contact MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED ?
  • A: Philippines company MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED contact number is 3738888-3734009! You can contact MOLDEX PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED by phone.