HIMALAYA TEXTILE is a Nepal company, incorporated on 1976-10-19, located on Nepal. Its address is नेपालगंज न.पा.-0, बाके, 14, मध्य-पश्चिमाञ्चल बिकास क्षेत्र. Its company status is Unknown. Its business name is हिमालयन टेक्साटाइल. Browse more information on 996co.com.

Basic Info
  • Company Number: 873
  • Company Name: HIMALAYA TEXTILE
  • Other Name: हिमालयन टेक्साटाइल
  • Company Status:
  • Incorporation Date:
  • Remarks: प्राइभेट >> बहुल>>सम्पुर्ण नेपाली स्वामित्व(प्राइभेट)
  • Address: नेपालगंज न.पा.-0, बाके, 14, मध्य-पश्चिमाञ्चल बिकास क्षेत्र
  • Update Time: 2021-05-11
  • Q: When was the Nepal HIMALAYA TEXTILE हिमालयन टेक्साटाइल established?
  • A: HIMALAYA TEXTILE हिमालयन टेक्साटाइल was founded in 1976.
Company Changes
Time Line of HIMALAYA TEXTILE हिमालयन टेक्साटाइल
  • Tue, 19-Oct-1976 Established
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