HIRA LAXMI TRADERS is a Nepal company, incorporated on Sunday - Sept. 18, 1949, as of today, the company has been operating for 73 years, 2 months, 14 days, HIRA LAXMI TRADERS located on Nepal. Its address is महेन्द्रनगर न.पा.-४,कन्चनपुर,महाकाली. Its company status is Unknown. Its business name is हिरा लक्ष्मी ट्रेडर्स, browse more information on 996co.com.

Basic Info
  • Company Number: 25326
  • Company Name: HIRA LAXMI TRADERS
  • Business Name: हिरा लक्ष्मी ट्रेडर्स
  • Incorporation Date:
  • Remarks: प्राइभेट >> एकल
  • Address: महेन्द्रनगर न.पा.-४,कन्चनपुर,महाकाली
  • Update Time: 2022-02-17
  • Q: When was the Nepal Hira Laxmi Traders established?
  • A: Hira Laxmi Traders was founded in 1949.