Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-

Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- is a Hong Kong company, incorporated on Monday - Nov. 15, 1886, as of today, the company has been operating for 137 years, 5 months, 4 days, Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- located on 5 Canton Rd, Hong Kong. Its address is 16th Floor Ocean Centre Harbour City Canton Road Kowloon Hong Kong. Its company status is Live. Its business name is (九龍倉集團有限公司), company type is Public company limited by shares. Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- changed company secretary and director on 18 May, 2022, browse more information on 996co.com.

Basic Info
  • Company Number: 0000017
  • Business Number: 00014154
  • Company Name: Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-
  • Business Name: (九龍倉集團有限公司)
  • Company Status: Live
  • Incorporation Date:
  • Company Type: Public company limited by shares
  • Remarks: Listed
  • Telephone: Display
  • Address: 16th Floor Ocean Centre Harbour City Canton Road Kowloon Hong Kong
  • Street: 5 Canton Rd
  • Directors: Stephen T. H. Ng,Paul Y. C. Tsui,Peter Kwong Ching Woo
  • Name History: 13-Jun-2014
    Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-
  • Register of Charges: Available
  • News:


    (Incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability)
    (Company No. 17) (Stock Code 4)

    NOTICE is hereby given that application has been received by the above-mentioned Company for the issue of new certificates in respect of the following share certificates which have been declared lost:

    Applicant    Registered Holder      Certificate Number      Number of Shares     Class of Shares
    Yeung Tiffany Yu On,    Lau Loretta     3600317–3600332        @ 1,000                Ordinary
    the lawful attorney of
    Lau Loretta
    — do —             — do —                    6478761                    3,600                — do —    

    AND TAKE NOTICE that the above-mentioned Company may issue new certificates on application under section 163 of the Companies Ordinance if:
    (a) a notice is published under section 164(2)(b) and the notice has been made available on the
    Company’s website throughout a period of at least 3 months and published in the Gazette in
    accordance with section 164(3); and
    (b) the Company has not received notice of any other claim in respect of the shares.

    We certify that the above-mentioned Company has delivered a copy of the above Notice to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and that an authorized officer of that company has certified to the Company in writing that the said copy of the Notice is being exhibited in accordance with the provisions of section 164(5) of the Companies Ordinance.

    Date: 18 June 2021
    Tricor Tengis Limited
    Share Registrar of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited

  • Update Time: 2024-02-23
News Record
Matter Date
Company Established 15 Nov, 1886
  • Q: When was the Hong Kong Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- established?
  • A: Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- was founded in 1886.
  • Q: What is Hong Kong company Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- company type?
  • A: Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- company type is Public company limited by shares.
  • Q: Who are the directors of Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-?
  • A: The directors of Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- is/are Stephen T. H. Ng,Paul Y. C. Tsui,Peter Kwong Ching Woo.
  • Q: What's the contact number of Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-? How to contact Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-?
  • A: Hong Kong company Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- contact number is +852-21188118! You can contact Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- by phone.
  • Q: What was Hong Kong company Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- previous name?
  • A: Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The- changed its company name 2 times, this company was established on 15 November, 1886, and the registered name is HONGKONG , changed its name to WHARF on 06 October, 1986, changed its name to Wharf on 13 June, 2014.
Company Changes
Time Line of Wharf (Holdings) Limited -The-
  • Wed, 18-May-2022 Change of Company Secretary and Director(Appointment/Cessation)
  • Mon, 15-Nov-1886 Established
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