Alteration of Corporate Name of a registered non-Hong Kong company

    The first step is to deliver the documents. Within 1 month after the date of the change of the corporate name, deliver the following documents and the correct fees in electronic form through the "e-Registry" of the Companies Registry, or in hard copy form at the collection counter on the 14th floor of the Queensway Government Offices:

    Form NN10-Declaration of Change of Corporate Name of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company;

    And a certified copy of the certification document issued by the relevant government department in the place where the company was established, such as a name change certificate, certifying the change and its effective date.


    The second step is to receive the certificate. If the change of corporate name is approved for registration, the applicant can download the "Certificate of Registration of Change of Name of Registered Non-Hong Kong Company". The certificate will be issued in electronic form or in hard copy form, depending on the form of delivery of the application. Generally, the certificate can be issued within 7 working days. The electronic certificate and the printed certificate have the same legal effect. If the application is delivered in electronic form, an email notification regarding the download certificate will be sent to the information box and registered email address of the registered user who delivered the application. If the application is delivered in the form of a hard copy, the Hong Kong Companies Registry will notify the submitter of the document by fax when the certificate is available for collection. When the submitter goes to the Hong Kong Companies Registry to collect the certificate in person, he must present the fax notification letter and the identification document contained in the notification letter. If the author entrusts someone to collect it on his behalf, the recipient must show the authorisation letter signed by the author.



     1. What is the difference between a local name and a corporate name?

     According to section 774(1) of the Companies Ordinance, "domestic name" refers to one or more names used by non-Hong Kong companies registered in the place where they are incorporated. "Incorporated name" refers to the local name or translation of the local name used by the registered non-Hong Kong company for registration in the Hong Kong Companies Register.


     2. Can a registered non-Hong Kong company register more than one Chinese name or more than one English name?

     Unless the Chinese name or English name is the local name of the company registered in the place of establishment, a registered non-Hong Kong company cannot register more than one Chinese name or more than one English name as its corporate name in Hong Kong. In addition, if any of the company’s local names is a name composed of letters in the Latin alphabet, an English name cannot be registered as its corporate name.