Change of name of a Hong Kong local limited company

    The first step is to draft a new company name. Regarding matters needing attention in formulating a company name, please refer to Determination of whether a company name is “the same as” another. You can also refer to the Hong Kong Company Name Registration Guidelines (pdf format) of the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

    The proposed new company name will not be approved for registration if it is the same as the name that appears in the "Company Name Index" kept by the Registrar of Companies (the "Registrar"). Applicants can log in to the online search center or go to the public search center on the 13th floor of the Queensway Government Offices to check the company name for free. When looking up the company name, you must use the "search by full name" mode and enter the complete company name to be used (the Chinese name must be in traditional characters).


    The second step is to deliver the documents. The company needs to pass a special resolution to change the company name. This special resolution and the revised articles of association of the company (if only the company name is amended) do not need to be delivered to the Hong Kong Companies Registry, but the company needs to pass the Hong Kong Companies Registry within 15 days after the special resolution is passed. E-Registry" or "CR Exchange" mobile application in electronic form, or in hard copy form at the 14th floor of the Queensway Government Offices, and deliver the completed form NNC2 "namely "Notice of Change of Company Name"" and Correct cost.


    The third step is to receive the certificate. If the change of company name is approved, the applicant can download or obtain the "Certificate of Change of Company Name". The certificate will be issued in electronic form or in printed form, depending on the form of the delivery form NNC2. The electronic certificate and the printed certificate have the same legal effect. If the applicant delivers the form NNC2 electronically, the electronic "Certificate of Change of Company Name" will generally be issued within 1 hour, and an email notification about downloading the certificate will be sent to the information box and registered email address of the registered user who delivered the form NNC2. If the form NNC2 is delivered in the form of a hard copy, a hard copy of the "Certificate of Change of Company Name" will normally be issued within 4 working days. When the certificate is available for collection, the Hong Kong Registry will notify the submitter of the form NNC2 by fax Pick it up in person at the Companies Registry. When the author goes to the Hong Kong Registrar to collect the certificate in person, he must present the fax notification letter and the identity document contained in the notification letter. If the author entrusts someone to collect it on his behalf, the recipient must show the authorisation letter signed by the author.

    Please note: The Hong Kong Registrar needs to process the form NNC2 before it can determine whether the proposed new company name can be registered. If the proposed new company name is wrong or is not approved for registration, the Hong Kong Registry has the right to reject your application to change the company name, and the file deposit fee paid will not be refunded.



    1. Can I use any company name at will?

    No, there are restrictions on the registration of company names. Generally speaking, the company name will not be allowed to be registered under the following circumstances:-

    The company name is the same as the name that appears in the "Company Name Index" kept by the Registrar of Companies (the "Registrar");
    The name of the company is the same as the name of a corporate body established or established under an ordinance;
    The Registrar considers that the company name used would constitute a criminal offence; or
    The Registrar believes that the company name is offensive or is against the public interest for other reasons.

    In addition, if the company name contains the words or words listed in the "Company (Words Used in Company Name) Order" (Chapter 622A), or the company name is If you have any contact with an agency, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any of its departments or agencies, you must first obtain the approval of the Hong Kong Companies Registrar before you can register.


    2. Can I register the company name in both Chinese and English at the same time?



    3. Can the Chinese name of a local company use simplified Chinese characters?

    No, the Chinese name of the local company must be in traditional Chinese characters.


    4. Can a company only register its Chinese name?

    Yes! The company can register only the Chinese name, or only the English name, or register a Chinese name and an English name at the same time.


    5. Can the last word of the company's English name be "Ltd"?

    No, although "Ltd" and "Limited" are considered the same. However, according to Article 102 of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, the last word of the English name of a limited company must be "Limited".


    6. If I find that the name of another company is "too similar" to my company name, can I object to the continued registration of the name?

    Yes. If you find that another company (hereinafter referred to as "the company") has been registered with a name that is "too similar" to your company name after the establishment of your company, you can apply to the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong (the "Registrar of Companies"). ") Raise an objection, detail the reasons for the objection, and provide any evidence that can prove to be confusing. If the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies considers the two “too similar”, the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies may, in accordance with Section 108(3) of the Companies Ordinance, within 12 months after the date of registration of the company’s name (below (Referred to as "Statutory Period"), instruct the company to change its name. Therefore, an objection to the company name should be sent to the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies as soon as possible (preferably one month before the expiry of the statutory period for the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies to issue instructions) so that the Registrar of Hong Kong Companies Investigate before the expiration of the statutory time limit, and serve notices where appropriate.


    7. What are the consequences if the company fails to comply with the name change instructions issued by the Registrar of Companies?

    If the company fails to comply with the name change instructions issued by the Registrar of Companies, the company and/or its officers can be prosecuted with a maximum penalty of a fine of 100,000 yuan. If the company fails to comply with the responsibility, a daily default fine of 2,000 yuan may be imposed . The Hong Kong Companies Registrar can also change the company's name to the company's registration number. For example: Company Registration Number 1302094 Limited, Company Registration Number 1294877 Limited.